Kosta’s Studios

Modern & Economical

Our spacious one bedroom studios have all the necessities you have grown to love but with an economical price tag. Yet, that economical price tag does not mean second hand service or facilities. We believe that our guests should always have very clean rooms, access to hot water always, a sound bed to sleep on and a wonderful holiday! Guests of Kosta’s Apartments also enjoy the use of a nearby pool and wifi access.

Location, Location, Location! Along with top notch service and studios, maybe the best part about staying with Kostas Apartments is the location. As we stated on our home page, we are located on the beautiful western side of Sidari, along the Saint Yannis Beach. If you click on the Location tab on the top navigation bar, you will see exactly where we are. We are exactly far enough from the center so you can sleep without the loud music and close enough, where a 10 minute walk won’t hurt you.